Types of Product Defects

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Baby Einstein recently got into hot water when one of their products, a baby jumper, incurred a hundred customer complaints about injuries inflicted on children by a spring-loaded “sun teether stalk” attached to the jumper. The website of Habush Habush and Rottier S.C. notes that thousands of children are hospitalized for injuries caused by defective child care products every year. And like many other defective products, the Baby Einstein jumper was voluntarily recalled.

Obviously, children’s toys are not the only products that can be found to be defective. Items such as food, cars, and drugs often make the news for dangerous defects as well. According to Nolo.com, these defects can fall under three main categories: manufacturing defects, design defects, and failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions.

Manufacturing defects come from a problem in the factory where the product was built. This means that the specific item you bought is flawed in comparison to the others that were made.

Design defects cause an entire line of products to be defective or dangerous because its blueprints were already imperfect. This kind of defect is a common cause for car recalls, which usually affect a range of models or manufacturing years.

If a product needs to provide adequate warning or instruction, it means that a consumer cannot obviously spot the danger in a product with necessary dangerous elements (for example, hair styling tools, household chemicals, or medicine with side effects) without being warned first. Failure to provide these warnings can result in great personal harm and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure consumers are sufficiently informed about their products.

Knowing the differences between these defect types can help you provide clear information to the company at fault in a complaint, or better present a liability claim if you have suffered serious damages and wish to seek compensation.

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