Injuries to Military Family Members and Veterans

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Under the Feres Doctrine, active-duty military servicemembers aren’t allowed to file personal injury claims against the government. However, this isn’t the case for families or veterans who have been harmed because of military negligence. These individuals may be entitled to pursue compensation for their injuries, which often create financial burdens that can be difficult to manage.

Military Negligence Claims

The military has a responsibility to veterans or members of the public to maintain high standards of safety and security. If a person who isn’t currently serving in the military is injured because of a failure to keep up with these safety demands, that branch of the armed forces may be held accountable. For example, the following may be considered grounds for a compensation claim:

  • Military convoy negligence, such as failure to secure cargo or maintain vehicles
  • Military base negligence
  • Failure to maintain or repair potentially dangerous machinery

Those injured may be left with considerable expenses due to medical needs and lost time at work. A compensation claim can help these individuals recover from these financial burdens.

Military negligence claims can be significantly more complicated than normal personal injury claims. However, according to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, if you or someone you love has sustained an injury because of wrongdoing on the military’s behalf, an injury claim may provide a vital opportunity to find coverage for those injury-related expenses that can threaten your household’s financial stability.

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