A Highly Successful da Vinci Hysterectomy for One Female Patient

Oct 17, 2013 by

Before giving her doctor a nod for a da Vinci hysterectomy, Terry spent much time researching in the web and asking lots of women about the procedure, its advantages and disadvantages. Although hysterectomy is a hundred years old surgical procedure, this is a new experience for Terry and, much more, it will be done through a robot, the da Vinci multi-armed robot.

The surgery was meant to remove Terry’s uterus, which has caused her painful and longer periods. This condition has simply been too much for her to be able to perform her mother role well for her three college-bound children.

Her physician, Dr. Hutcheson, has been very helpful with all her questions, informing her as well of the different advantages the robot-assisted surgery has over the traditional open surgery, which requires long incisions, results to much blood loss, much more painful and took a long recovery period.

What Terry was supposed to undergo instead was a minimally-invasive surgery, where the robot (operated by the surgeon seated a few feet away from her) would make multiple tiny incisions, just big enough for the instruments and endoscope to pass through.

A less invasive surgery that was less painful, required almost non-existent stitches and scars and fast recovery – these were what earned Terry’s “yes.”

Terry underwent the surgery on a Friday; on Saturday morning, when Dr. Hutcheson made his rounds, she was already out of bed. The surgery fixed her problem and what’s more, she recovered really fast.

Unfortunately, not all robot-assisted surgeries go so well. Many surgeons actually end up further harming their patients using the da Vinci system, be it through inadequate training or simple failures in control. Being injured by a da Vinci surgical robot can lead to serious complications after what should have been a minimally-invasive procedure.

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